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Fiber optic measurements

Fiber optic measurements

Fiber optic measurements device

Fiber optic measurements are important to verify the performance of fiber optic links and to identify potential cabling faults. An important part of measuring a fiber optic is checking the intensity of the light that is transmitted through the fiber. Low light intensity can indicate a bad connection or damage to the fiber.

Another important measurement method is checking the attenuation of the fiber. Attenuation refers to the amount of light that is absorbed in the fiber and not transmitted. High attenuation values can indicate poor fiber quality or damage.

In order to ensure that fiber optic links are working properly, it is important that measurements are taken regularly. This can be done when the connections are installed, and also periodically to ensure the connections remain in good working order.

We measure all common connector types of singlemode and multimode fibers, such as LC connector, SC connector, ST connector, FC connector, E2000 connector, MTRJ connector.

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