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Fiber optic internet connection

Fiber optic internet connection

Fiber optic internet router

Fiber optic cable internet connections provide a fast and reliable internet connection. Compared to traditional copper wire Internet connections, fiber can offer much higher bandwidth, making it ideal for applications such as HD video streaming, online gaming, video chat, and cloud computing.

Another advantage of fiber optic cable Internet connections is the symmetrical bandwidth, which allows data to be both downloaded and uploaded at the same speed. This is particularly advantageous for companies and users who need to transfer large amounts of data over the Internet. Overall, fiber optic internet connections offer a faster and more reliable connection than traditional copper internet connections.

Internet service providers always install fiber optic connections in the basement. This means for the customer he alone has to take care of the Inhouse cabling. This includes the installation of a fiber optic cable from the basement to the rental unit.

We offer the delivery and installation of all required components. Of course, we also offer the installation of supplied components from your provider, as is customary for example at the Telekom.

Our services

  • Installation of individual routes
  • Installation of supplied components
  • Conversion of existing Inhouse infrastructures
  • Modernization of existing Inhouse infrastructures
  • Measurement of existing Inhouse cabling
  • Dismantling / deinstallation of Inhouse wiring

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