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Network measurement

Network measurement

Network measurement device

Measuring copper network cables is an important process to ensure network efficiency and performance are maintained. A poorly executed cable testing procedure can lead to poor network performance, increased troubleshooting, and possibly even a cable replacement.

Measuring copper network cabling typically involves checking three key aspects: cable length, electrical performance, and cable quality. Length verification can be used to ensure that the cable meets the specified length requirements for use on a particular network.

When testing electrical performance, a variety of tests are performed, including continuity tests, insulation tests, and interference tests. These tests are critical to ensure the cable is wired correctly and free of signal interference or transmission errors.

Cable quality is typically determined using a certification test that tests the cable for compliance with industry standards and specifications. A quality certification test is especially important for cables used in high-performance networks where reliable and consistent performance is critical.

It is important that all measurements are taken by a qualified professional who has the knowledge and experience to take the measurements correctly and precisely. Proper cable measurement can help optimize network performance and minimize troubleshooting and repair costs.

We measure existing networks or individual routes and of course also offer the repair.

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  • Measurement of copper networks
  • Measurement of individual data cables
  • Documentation of existing networks
  • Repair-Installation

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